Script permettant d'extraire la configuration d'un serveur was, d'un ihs monitoré ou d'une application.

Execution du script sans option (donc pas bon).
root@arecibo:/ # /apps/WebSphere/profiles8/dmgr/bin/ -lang jython -f /apps/src/JYTHON/ 
WASX7209I: Connected to process "dmgr" on node areciboManager using SOAP connector;  The type of process is: DeploymentManager
number of args !!!
Usage   :  
Exemple : Node=parvl9018639Manager:Server=dmgr /tmp/dmgr.txt
Exemple : Node=parvl9018639:Server=nodeagent /tmp/node.txt
Exemple : Node=parvl9018639:Server=bp2i-perfservlet_server  /tmp/server.txt
root@arecibo:/ #

Execution du script avec option.
Attention !! Executer le script avec l'option -conntype NONE.
root@arecibo:/ # /apps/WebSphere/profiles8/dmgr/bin/ -lang jython -conntype NONE -f /apps/src/JYTHON/ Node=areciboManager:Server=dmgr /tmp/arecibo_dmgr.txt
WASX7357I: By request, this scripting client is not connected to any server process. Certain configuration and application operations will be available in local mode.
WASX7303I: The following options are passed to the scripting environment and are available as arguments that are stored in the argv variable: "[Node=areciboManager:Server=dmgr, /tmp/arecibo_dmgr.txt]"
configData : Node=areciboManager:Server=dmgr
propertiesFileName : /tmp/arecibo_dmgr.txt
reportFileName : /tmp/extract_config.log
root@arecibo:/apps/src/JYTHON #
Il ne vous reste plus qu'a regarder le fichier "/tmp/arecibo_dmgr.txt".

Visualisation du script jython.
# Version  1.1 
# Created by : TURLAN Franck
# Society : ARECIBO
# Email :

lineSeparator = java.lang.System.getProperty('line.separator')
TABLEAU_APP = AdminApp.list().split(lineSeparator)
        print 'NOM_APPLICATION=',APP,':'