Certificat websphere des noeuds et du dmgr

Pour propager les certificats du DMGR vers un noeud, il suffit de renomer les certificat dans le répertoire etc du noeud.
I - Le port soap doit être utilisable (editer le fichier soap.client.properties)




root@arecibo:/apps/WebSphere/profiles8/node/etc # mv key.p12 key.p12.ftu
root@arecibo:/apps/WebSphere/profiles8/node/etc # mv trust.p12 trust.p12.ftu
root@arecibo:/apps/WebSphere/profiles8/node/etc # cd ../bin
root@arecibo:/apps/WebSphere/profiles8/node/bin # id
root@arecibo:/apps/WebSphere/profiles8/node/bin # su - was8

was8@arecibo:/apps/WebSphere/profiles8/node/bin$ ./syncNode.sh arecibo 12010
ADMU0116I: Tool information is being logged in file
ADMU0128I: Starting tool with the node profile

SSL signer from target host is not found in trust store /apps/WebSphere/profiles8/node/etc/trust.p12.

Here is the signer information (verify the digest value matches what is displayed at the server):

Subject DN:    CN=arecibo, O=IBM, C=US
Issuer DN:     CN=arecibo, O=IBM, C=US
Serial number: 1303222375089874000
Expires:       Tue Apr 14 16:12:54 CEST 2026
SHA-1 Digest:  CB:55:93:3B:B3:2E:C3:55:A5:87:E7:1A:D9:6B:00:A2:E7:EF:39:1C
MD5 Digest:    72:08:E5:FA:85:C7:55:3C:B1:8D:5A:96:B6:34:B1:7F

Add signer to the trust store now? (y/n) y
A retry of the request may need to occur if the socket times out while waiting for a prompt response.  If the retry is required, note that the prompt will not be redisplayed if (y) is entered, which indicates the signer has already been added to the trust store.
ADMU0401I: Begin syncNode operation for node arecibo with Deployment
           Manager arecibo: 12010
ADMU0127E: The version of the Deployment Manager ( is earlier than
           that of this node (